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Wrongful conviction is a grave injustice that occurs when an innocent person is found guilty and convicted of a crime they did not commit. It is a tragic failure of the criminal justice system, where flaws and biases can lead to devastating consequences for the wrongfully accused and their families. In recent years, wrongful convictions have gained significant attention worldwide, shedding light on the urgent need for reforms to prevent such miscarriages of justice.

What Can You Do?

 Sign Petitions! (I have more information about these specific cases on my blog section)

Rodney Reed Petition:

Rodney Reed is an African-American man whose case gained national attention as a compelling example of a possible wrongful conviction. In 1998, he was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Stacey Stites, a young white woman from Bastrop, Texas. The case relied heavily on circumstantial evidence, and over the years, numerous doubts have emerged regarding Reed's guilt. Forensic analysis of DNA evidence has raised serious questions about the timeline presented by the prosecution, pointing to another potential suspect. Advocates and legal experts have been fighting tirelessly for a reevaluation of his case and have highlighted issues of racial bias and flaws in the criminal justice system. The case of Rodney Reed continues to be a focal point for discussions on criminal justice reform and the pursuit of truth and fairness in the legal system.

Horace Peterson:

Peterson robbed a record store in Flint, Michigan. However, during the robbery, his accomplice shot and killed the clerk without him knowing what was going to happen or with him being in the same room of the shooting. He had no idea what was about to happen and his accomplice has recently admitted that to the family. A judge, in 1973, sentenced him to life without parole. 

Sandra Hemme:

Police exploited her mental illness and coerced her into making false statements while she was sedated and being treated with antipsychotic medication.

End The Use of Deception During Interrogations in New York:

Support Police Reform:

End the Death Penalty in Wyoming:

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