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How Can I Help?

Way #1: Sign Petitions! 

Wrongful conviction is a grave injustice that occurs when an innocent person is found guilty and convicted of a crime they did not commit. It is a tragic failure of the criminal justice system, where flaws and biases can lead to devastating consequences for the wrongfully accused and their families. In recent years, wrongful convictions have gained significant attention worldwide, shedding light on the urgent need for reforms to prevent such miscarriages of justice and signing petitions is an amazing way to help. Below I have listed several petitions that you can sign--it only takes five seconds, so please get involved. 

Specific Cases:

Rodney Reed Petition and Case Info

Horace Peterson Petition and Case Info

Sandra Hemme Petition and Case Info

General Petitions

End The Use of Deception During Interrogations in New York

Support Police Reform

End the Death Penalty in Wyoming


Way #2: Donate

Signing petitions is of course incredibly important, but if you can, donating to large organizations that focus on helping those wrongfully convicted will really help make a difference. I have provided several links to use. I, personally, worked at a camp this summer and decided to donate my earnings to the innocence project. However, if you cannot donate that is completely okay---signing petitions is also great!

Support Rodney Reed's Family:

Rodney Reed's family have been working tirelessly to help free their son who has been wrongfully convicted. This donation goes straight to their family. 


Donate to the Innocence Project:

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